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Yes, we’re sort of traditionalist – Christmas doesn’t
really start for us until the day after Thanksgiving. And yes, I spent a lot of
years overseas where the Christmas presents for the family had to be purchased
early, packed and mailed home in early October … yay for prior planning
preventing piss poor holiday performance … but otherwise; the decorations and
all went up on the day after Turkey Day.

And no, dear ghod, none of that lining up at the doors
of some big-box outlet for the chance to engage in some full-body scrum with
other shoppers in the wee hours for the opportunity to purchase some marked up
to be marked down bit of electronic or toy tat. Just … no. I’ve maintained the
habit of picking up items throughout the year, intended as gifts for specific
family members. So Black Friday for us – at least the morning thereof – was spent
hitting a couple of stores for specific things; some specialty foods at Ikea,
Tuesday Morning for a set of flannel sheets for Mom, HEB for assorted groceries
and a Collin Street Bakery fruitcake for my brother (who adores their fruitcake)
… and the post office for one of their priority boxes to fit all of this and
the above in, for posting to the family in California. The Daughter Unit spent
some few minutes ordering items from Amazon – and there we are; sorted! Leaving
the afternoon free to put up decorations; this program of putting up the
seasonal ornaments will continue this weekend.

As for … book and market stuff; Christmas on the
Square in Goliad is on for this weekend, and we’ll be in Miss Ruby’s Author
Corral on Saturday – this year the corral is again in the courtyard of the
Mustang Cantina, just off the Square by the awning over the enormous Bull Durham
sign. There’s another couple of markets the weekend and week after that. I hope
to be able to roll out the print versions of the Luna City compendium volumes
in time for the Third Thursday in Seguin. As for status on the works in
progress; I am about halfway through the first draft of my Civil War novel, “That
Fateful Lightning” – getting to the point that actually deals with the Civil
War and Miss Minnie Vining’s work as a hospital nurse. Also, starting on Luna
City #9 – yes, an explanation of what Xavier Gunnison-Penn saw on the town
Christmas tree, and what on earth will happen when Clovis Walcott returns from
the Dubai job … and comes to the Café for a talk with Luc about what his
intentions are with regard to Belle Walcott. Among other interesting
developments in Luna City. I could do with some more stories about small-town
shenanigans to fill out this volume, so hope that I hear some more in Goliad
and at the remaining market events.

And that’s my Thanksgiving weekend plans…

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